The Next Step in Hot End Inspection!

Hot End

Inspection, Process Monitoring and Automatic Control

Cortex Glass specializes in the creation and distribution of cutting-edge Hot End systems designed for Defect Inspection, Process Monitoring and Closed Loop Automatic Control. Our systems find applications in various glass industries, including container manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, perfume, cosmetics and tableware glass production.

Our state-of-the-art systems enable comprehensive monitoring, optimization, and automatic control of the entire Hot End process. The outcome is a stable Hot End process that leads to enhanced production yields and improved product quality.



The GobWatch system automatically controls the gob weight, monitors the gob forming process and inspects glass gobs for inclusions.

The GobWatch system uses two high resolution cameras to create 3D images of all gobs from single, dual, triple or quad gob feeders.
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The BlankWatch camera system measures blank mold temperatures, plunger temperatures, neck ring temperatures, gob loading position, arrival times ..

The BlankWatch comes in two versions, one Swabbing Robot version and one Individual Section version.
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The ISWatch system uses 3 or more infrared cameras to measure the glass distribution and to inspect each hot glass product for critical defects like bird-swings and fins directly after the IS-Machine.

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The TopWatch system measures the X and Y position and rotation angle of hot glass products on the conveyor directly after the IS-Machine. The system rejects stuck ware, fallen ware and many more. Read more..

Industry 4.0

/ Smart Factory

Our Hot End systems are fully oriented to Industry 4.0 / Smart Factory and provide real time process data which is stored in an accessible database.


The GobWatch, BlankWatch, ISWatch and TopWatch systems are installed at the following glass manufacturers:

  • Ardagh Group
  • O-I
  • Verallia
  • Gerresheimer
  • BA Glass
  • Anchor Glass
  • Asia Pacific Glass
  • Vidrala
  • Heinz Glas
  • Bormioli Luigi
  • Stölze Glass Group
  • Verescence
  • SGD Pharma
  • Pacificglas
  • KC Glass
  • Vetreria Etruska